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Bhutan has approximately around 7,00,000 population and basically divided into Ngalops from the West, Sharchops from the East, Lhotshampas from the south and Bumthaps, Khengpas, Punaps from the central Bhutan
Population from the West, East & Central Bhutan are all Buddhist and southern Bhutanese follow Hinduism.

The people of Thimphu, Paro and Haa are basically called Ngalops and have descendance from Tibet. They speak Dzongkha which is the national language. Their main occupation is clergy and office workers and not much of agriculture though some do it. They comprise the elite of the Bhutanese population.

Sharchops are basically from the eastern districts of Bhutan like Trashigang, Pema Gatshel, Trashiyangtse and others. They were farmers in the beginning and practice shifting cultivation. Sharchops are the largest in numbers in Bhutan. They primarily speak Sharchop Kha. Hard working and humble, they have risen up to the clergy level presently.

Lhotshampas are basically from the southern districts of Bhutan like Samtse, Gaylegphu, Chirang and others. They are clergy class and farmers as well. Presently, they have become the business community of Bhutan. They practice Hinduism and celebrate Diwali & Dasera.

Many other ethnic groups like Bumthaps, Punaps from all other parts of Bhutan co-exists in Bhutan. Everyone of them have their own culture and traditions and language. But all Bhutanese wear the same dress and follow almost the same traditions that makes Bhutan a unique experience in this modern era.

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